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Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko, PhD., has been the driving force behind transformative strategies in numerous organizations. With her unique blend of academic and practical expertise, Rosa has become a beacon of influence in championing equity at both corporate and societal levels. Dive into her journey and discover the powerful impact of genuine leadership.

Where fairness drives growth and everyone thrives.
Unlocking the full potential of every individual, creating a world where equality powers progress
Rosa M. Colon-Kolacko, PhD. MBA, CDM, SHRM-SCP
President and Founder
Health Equity Compact Executive Team
Dr. Colon-Kolacko has consulted for

Equity and Learning has Real Benefits for Real People:

Better Talent Acquisition
Welcoming diverse voices isn’t just right; it's smart. A broad range of experiences and perspectives makes an organization stronger and more innovative.
Better Compliance
It’s about doing right by everyone. When you treat everyone fairly, you naturally align with rules and standards. It's good practice meeting the guidelines without any hassle.
Better Talent Retention
People want to be where they feel they belong. A workplace that cares about equity is a place where employees feel valued and choose to stay.
Reduced Customer Complaints
Fair treatment isn't just an internal policy. When customers feel respect and care, they trust more and complain less.
Advancing Social Responsibility
When businesses lead with heart and fairness, they make positive ripples in their communities. It's about being more than just a company; it's about being a force for good.
Make Our Communities Healthier
When we improve access to care, clinical trials,  embrace the differences of those we serve without judgment, address unequal treatment in medicine, we create true partnerships with our communities we can build trust to make health equity a reality.

Equity Drives Growth

Equity and learning aren't just buzzwords; they're about making sure everyone has a fair chance. Bringing these strategies into the heart of businesses creates places where people feel valued, understood, and are given equal opportunities to shine. Organizations that embrace this not only become better places to work but also connect more deeply with their customers and communities.

With guidance from Dr. Colon-Kolacko, any organization can embrace this brighter, more inclusive path. Together, we can make workplaces that reflect our diverse, vibrant world.

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Equity Strategies & Assessment

Equity drives growth

Unlock the potential of every individual in education, career, and health by fostering equitable cultures. Together, we can reshape environments where each person feels seen, valued, and treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Embedding Equity Everywhere
Integrate equity strategies within environment, social, and corporate governance, community activation programs and clinical trials, to address racial and health disparities.
Assessing for Equity
Dive deep with health equity, cultural competence, and racial equity assessments to continue to improve ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. of improvement.
Experiential Learning Experiences
Engage in comprehensive Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging educational and fellowship programs, all framed by core competencies.
The Equity Equation
Build a holistic dashboard utilizing your customer, workforce and outcomes data to highlight strengths, and disparities to set  impactful business objectives.
Visionary Goals with Intersectionality
Craft an Equity and Belonging vision rooted in the principles of intersectionality, ensuring lasting change and sustainability.
Pioneering Research
Embark on action learning research journeys that expand our collective understanding of equity, microaggressions, racism, and health.
Cross-sector Collaborations
Forge alliances to advance equity, community activation championing legislation that instills accountability in governmental and leadership structures.
Transform Culture leveraging Digital
Redefine behaviors,  build systems, practices and apply a change management process to enable the delivery of equitable experiences improving workforce engagement, and retention

Inclusive Life Sciences to Drive Equity

  • Advancing the implementation of health equity plans providing customized solutions to improve access, affordability, and life expectancy elevating the role of communities as co-leaders to build trust.
  • Leverage existing evidence-based equity frameworks to offer a practical health equity roadmap and a set of practical tools, adapted for Life Sciences to facilitate assessing progress in your journey based on performance indicators, the implementation of equity strategies, and processes, to change systems that deliver the unequal outcomes we have today.

With an Inclusive and humanistic health equity strategy Life Science organizations can build community trust, increase clinical trials, workforce representation, retention, and improve community health and revenue.


Inclusive Human Capital and Community Activation

Our workplaces should reflect the diverse world around us. It's about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of background, has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Key Features:

From HR to Inclusive-HR (IHR)
Introducing inclusive policies and dashboards to ensure everyone's voice and needs are taken into account.
Embedding Equity in Systems
Embed equity principles and cultural and linguistic needs into core processes, and systems, from customer/patient engagement, to medical records (EPIC) to employee engagement survey, tools, and HRIS (Workday), Revenue Cycle, Biomedical, clinical trials, to promote justice, fairness and inclusivity.
Embedding Social Justice
Rethinking pay structures, employee services, and HR systems to ensure fairness and equity at every step.
Empowering Employee Development
Making it easier for all employees to access growth opportunities and rise to their potential.

With an inclusive human capital approach, businesses can flourish by tapping into the full potential of every team member.


Education, Talent Development, and Coaching

In a world that constantly evolves, continuous learning isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. More than ever, we need to embrace education that nurtures diverse voices, equips individuals with essential skills, and creates leaders for the future. By fostering an environment of inclusivity, both in the classroom and the workplace, we can bridge gaps, celebrate differences, and ensure everyone gets a fair shot at success.

Partnership with Academia
Collaborate with educational institutions to develop programs that focus on equity, inclusion, and cultural competence and humility, from degree programs to specialized fellowships.
Increasing Access
Implement policies and strategies designed to uplift underrepresented groups, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to learn, grow, and succeed.
Tailored Learning Experiences
We provide an adaptable competency model that provides a list of key competencies and behaviors needed to build leaders with an equity lens. 
By recognizing the gaps in equity and inclusion, we tailor our curriculum to your organization needs and culture and that can speak to diverse audiences. Some of our offerings include:
  • DEI Essentials
  • Equity 101
  • Building Leaders with an Equity Lens
  • Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent
  • Bias Management System
  • Cultural Competence + Humility Awareness
  • Health Equity Standards in Healthcare enabled by Cultural Competence Certificate
  • Moving from Exclusion to Inclusion addressing Microaggression
  • Deliver Equitable Experiences
Continuous Learning
Understanding that learning is an ever-evolving journey. Whether it's formal education, casual conversations, or self-guided exploration, every moment is an opportunity to grow.
Multi-Cultural Coaching
Tailored coaching that respects various learning styles and cultural backgrounds, ensuring that every learner feels seen, heard, and valued

Empowering individuals through education and coaching isn't just about personal growth—it's about building a world where everyone can thrive. Together, let's take the steps to make it happen.

Transforming Cultural Competence and Humility

In our diverse world, cultural competence isn't just a good-to-have—it's essential. To truly understand and connect with others, we need more than surface-level knowledge. We need genuine understanding rooted in humility, respect, and continuous learning.

Understanding Culture's Role
Delve into how culture shapes experiences, assess the present dynamics, envision an equitable culture and set the stage for deeper mutual respect and understanding.
Holistic Change Management Approach
Apply an inclusive  change model that integrates equity in every aspect of an organization to drive behavioral change.
Upholding Equity Standards
Ensure that equity and cultural competence is more than a buzzword by upholding it, assessing compliance with new standards especially in critical sectors like health.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we're shaping a more inclusive future. Drawing from diverse backgrounds and rich experiences, we unite in our shared vision: fostering growth, championing diversity, and driving impactful change across industries. Our collective strength lies in collaboration, and together, we're making a difference.

Health Equity Compact
Metzler M1nutes
Cultural Link
Iris Consulting
Carol Emmott Foundation
Hispanic marketing Solution

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Welcome to the Equity Learning Movement!

We believe that equity is possible by constantly learning from others with humility

Organizations can make a difference to the communities they serve and their people through elevating equity as the force to unite others, amplifying voices, and acknowledging that sharing power and empowering others creates belonging .

We leverage our lived experience to accelerate the design and implementation of equity strategies. A multi-cultural and systemic change approach is a key ingredient for success.

We partner with global experts designing solutions informed by evidence-based research and practice. Our focus is to transfer knowledge for leaders to build a lens to make a difference.


About Us


Dr. Colon-Kolacko founded Global Equity Learning (GEL) consulting firm to partner with experts with lived experiences and practitioners to leverage evidenced based research and proven practices to help organizations in Academia, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Advocacy groups, global industries and government among others to accelerate their journey.  Our vision is to unite people and industries around the world to change processes, practices and policies to provide equitable experiences and belonging for all. GEL designs and implements inclusion, racial and health equity, human capital, talent development, cultural transformation, and change management strategies to build equitable and learning organizations.

She is the former Tufts Medicine, Senior VP, Chief Diversity and Equity and Inclusion Officer responsible for advancing diversity, racial and health equity, inclusion, and Community Health, former NYC Health + Hospitals SVP and Chief People Officer, and Christiana Care Health System in Delaware, SVP Chief Diversity and Learning Officer as one of the first CDO’s in healthcare. Earlier in her career she worked at Bristol Myers-Squibb and, SmithKline Beecham (since renamed GlaxoSmithKline), leading change, cultural transformation, supply chain, learning, talent management, and lean/six sigma functions in Asia, Europe, North America, and Puerto Rico. Rosa is incredibly involved in national and state level boards to advance equity. She is an executive member of the MA Health Equity Compact, an organization member composed of 75+ C-Suite leaders of color advancing the agenda through legislation, workforce development, governance, and access to care.

She is a researcher and has held Academic positions as Professor of Professional Practice at Bowling Green State University, adjunct faculty at Georgetown University, University of Delaware, Thomas Jefferson University where she was also a designer and faculty of the Graduate Certificate of Healthcare Diversity Leadership. Tufts School of Medicine partner in advancing DEI and health equity education. Institute of School of Continuous and Professional Studies. She is also an Equity Fellow of the Delaware Community Foundation.

Awards & certifications

SHRM - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)
Issued Jan 2019
Certificate in Diversity Management
Georgetown University
Credential ID Also a Faculty in this program
Equity Fellow
Delaware Community Foundation
Champions of Health by MA Health Council to HE Compact
Top 50 Women Leaders of Massachusetts we admire
Hispanic Executive Magazine
Delaware Today, Selected one of the Top 35 Women in Business
Delaware Strong, Smart and Bold Outstanding Women Honoree Girls Inc.
Delaware Hispano National Awards: Culturally Competent Healthcare & Marketing


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